PT Sweet IndoLampung is a subsidiary

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Sugar Group Companies is, as the name implies, a collection of businesses working towards the same ends in the Indonesian sugarcane market. This group of companies is not disparate—it is a collection of businesses that are horizontally and vertically integrated in order to maximize and capitalize on opportunities, and facilitate a smoother operation overall. Sugar Group Companies is a major producer of sugar and refined sugar products in Indonesia. Sugar Group Companies represents interests at all points—the upstream sugar cane plantations, midstream sugar mills, and downstream product distribution to consumer markets.

The sugarcane plantations and sugar mill factories run by Sugar Group Companies are found in Lampung Province, Indonesia. There are more than ten offices for Sugar Group Companies spread out all over Indonesia. This helps Sugar Group Companies to be successful in the distribution of the finished sugarcane products.

There are a number of subsidiaries under the umbrella of Sugar Group Companies, including PT Gula Putih Mataram, PT Sweet Indolampung, and PT Indolampung Perkasa. PT Sweet IndoLampung is a subsidiary that is charged with running sugarcane growing responsibilities on a plantation and with running a sugar mill factory.

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